How Can We Help?

Selwyn Parker is a comprehensive Certified Financial PlannerCM (CFPCM  ) qualified to guide you in one or more of the following areas:

Cash/Debt Management

Your cash budget is the fundamental building block and starting point to prudent financial planning, where required we can work with you to help you develop and plan your personal cash budget.

Risk Management Advice

Provide personal risk management advice to identify barriers to financial success, and suggest solutions.

Retirement Planning

Help you set your personal financial goalposts now, and for your future life style choices. This is both short and long term planning and involves a reality check on what is reasonably achievable. It will also help you focus on your financial priorities and what you need to be doing now to achieve financial peace of mind.

Investment Planning

This is our chosen specialist area in the financial planning process. Using the national resources of our adviser collective and our own skills and experience our goal is to help you make smart ‘ongoing’ choices with your money whilst keeping the process as simple as possible. Having identified your investment issues we next focus on the suitable solutions.

Estate Planning 

Our role is to guide you on the timely transition of asset ownership and, if changes are recommended, summarise the issues and where appropriate, refer you to a specialist estate planner.

Our Investment Process:

In order to help you achieve your financial goals we follow the worldwide recognised ‘Six Step Financial Planning Process’.

IMS obtain research from a variety of independent sources. We review investment updates and research summaries from a range of local and international brokers, fund managers, banks, and other financial institutions. IMS shares research and ideas with a collective of firms around New Zealand, which currently advises clients on more than $200 million. This collective allows IMS to utilise an independent research investment analyst. Members of our collective also belong to the professional body, the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA).