What do you charge?


Our advice is fee based (via adviser salary) rather than commission focused as this helps align your advisers’ interests with yours and avoid a conflicts of interests from commission focused product selling. Investment portfolio management fees are charged based on the value of your portfolio under management. Comprehensive Financial Planning advice is fee based and charged on an hourly rate. We will provide you with an estimate of our expected total planning fee prior to our engagement.

The only exception to this is KiwiSaver where IMS will accept commissions. All fees and/or commission will be disclosed in writing prior to doing business with us. Whilst we will also work on a fee basis we expect that commission is the best option financially for clients. However you can choose which option you prefer fees, commission, or a mix of both. IMS charges will always be fully disclosed to you (see Selwyn’s Secondary Disclosure Statement) prior to engaging our services.

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